Stats for My Projects This Month

My SEO Experiment:

  • $118.47 revenue from ads and affiliates
  • 3,921 unique visitors (-34% from last month)


  • $1,165.50 revenue
  • $734.49 MRR (+44% from last month)
  • 28 active subscribers

Fantasy Congress (maintenance only):

  • $1,727 revenue
  • $758.73 MRR

I beat my previous revenue record as an indie maker this month, bringing in a total of $3,010 from my projects. PageFactory saw more desirable growth, and I feel like I finally hit my groove balancing marketing and development work.

Full Recap

At long last, I finally pushed out a Webflow integration for PageFactory in September. This feature was fraught with pivots, and it's made me less than excited to build more integrations for PageFactory.

Initially I wanted to integrate PageFactory with Zapier, which would support publishing directly to Webflow as well as many other platforms. Unfortunately Zapier's Webflow integration wasn't capable of updating pages or publishing them en masse, two things that are pretty important to my users.

I might come back to Zapier eventually. But most people seem satisfied using the existing integrations or downloading their content to copy and paste over to their site. So, more integrations don't feel like the highest priority.

Next, I jumped into working on my free programmatic SEO course.

This is another item I've been promising people for a little over a month now. My original plan was to knock it out in the last week of September. Unfortunately that's come and gone, and I'm still working on it.

I severely underestimated how much work a course might take. It didn't feel like a lot of content when I began consolidating my notes and building an outline. Once I started working on a script though, I realized there's a lot more to cover than I originally thought.

Admittedly, time management isn't my best skill. And neither is estimating my time. I love giving my users a timeline for features because I want to be as open as possible with them and build trust. But I feel like this sets me up for failure since I'm rarely able to stick to it.

October Plans

Currently, it's all hands on deck to finish up my course. The course will drive much of my marketing content for many months to come, so finishing it is key to a lot of things I want to accomplish.

At some point this month, I have to work on Fantasy Congress. This was my first indie project, and I've been "hands off" on this project since starting PageFactory.

Fantasy Congress has a few critical dependencies being depreciated by the end of the year. They must be updated in order to keep the application functioning. Hopefully they're simple upgrades and nothing too crazy. (famous last words!)

That said, I'm not sure how much I can expect to get done for PageFactory this month. The next round of features I want to tackle are pretty complex. I want to focus on creating a solid foundation so it's easier to add more ways for users to mix-and-match spreadsheet data in the future.

At most, I expect to start on my next big dev sprint, but I doubt I'll be able to deliver any ground breaking new features in the next month. I'll probably take a week to knock out some bugs and quick wins, before I plunge into the next big thing.